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We customise our business activity every year to suit the needs of our clients and their goals



Our drivers around the world

Former BF Racing drivers populate podiums across the country and around the world. We are proud to have achieved so much with so many, often having the privilege to be the most important part of a driver's career as foundation builders during their first years in circuit racing cars.

We Travel the globe


Our permanent home is in South-East Queensland, Australia, but we are only a truck away from any Australian race track and an airplane away from anywhere in the world


Race Preparation

We have an extensive modern workshop facility and house our entire operation under a single roof. All parts and equipment are stored on premises and all vehicles are designated a preparation bay. Additional facilities are available for activation activities with our client's sponsorship group. Branding opportunities with BF Racing extend to workshop presentation and company vehicles, either directly with our team or as part of a larger integrated package with our clients and their sponsors.


Full Race Team

Offering our Pantech Transporter complete with all relevant tools and supplies, we can accommodate up to four Formula style cars or two GT/Touring style cars in any given movement. Our crew are engaged by BF Racing with no organisational requirements for the team extending to our clients. In the Formula Ford category we offer complete arrive and drive service utilising our own vehicles, and can organise lease vehicles across multiple categories where required beyond that.


Driver & Data Only

Our third-party work continues to be a significant element of the success at BF Racing. Our data engineering and driver development is portable, and there are teams and privateers alike who have built up the physical elements and crew requirements to operate a racing vehicle themselves but benefit greatly from being able to import the performance elements BF Racing offer through data engineering and driver development aspects.

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